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Undergraduate students interested in joining the lab should contact Dr. Romero as soon as possible by email ( Be sure to attach a completed application form, as well as a C.V. and unofficial transcripts. 

Students in the Psychology program, the Behaviour, Cognition, and Neuroscience program, Biomedical Science program, or other programs are welcome to apply. Undergraduate lab positions will be given to the most competitive applicant who is the best fit for the lab, rather than what program they belong to.


Prior to applying, it is important for students to note that joining the lab requires a certain level of commitment, both in terms of time and effort. Although this fluctuates throughout the year, an undergraduate student should expect to spend between 5-10 hours per week on average doing lab-related activities. The level of commitment is even higher for thesis students, especially during certain times of the year.


Undergraduate thesis students typically work on a project based off of a current graduate student's research. The thesis student and graduate student collaborate to create a project that can be completed within the academic year Second- and third-year students are assigned by Dr. Romero to volunteer on specific projects as needed.

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