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Graduate Student 

Astrid was born and raised in Amherst Nova Scotia. She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Toronto. Astrid is thrilled to begin graduate studies in clinical neuropsychology at the University of Windsor under the supervision of Dr. Kristoffer Romero. Astrid’s basic research interests include the cognitive and neural mechanisms contributing to memory and attentional processes, such as episodic memory, future thinking, and prospective memory. In terms of applied research, Astrid is interested in cognitive aging in healthy individuals and those with neurodegenerative diseases. She hopes to assist in the development of cognitive assessment and intervention tools, with a focus on improving quality of life for older individuals with impaired cognitive abilities. In her spare time Astrid loves to spend time outdoors, catch up with family and friends, and settle down with a good book.

Astrid Coleman: Lab Members
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